You can join the Tesco equal pay claim if:​

- you work for Tesco now, or have worked for Tesco in the last 6 years (5 in Scotland)

- your job is / was in a Tesco store

- you were paid at an hourly rate

Click here to register for the claim.


We think that the average claim for back pay will be about £5,000. Your claim might be worth less or more; it will depend on lots of factors, including how many hours you worked, how long you worked at Tesco, and with which distribution role it is most appropriate to compare your job. We will also seek an improvement in your pay going forwards, if you still work at Tesco.


The claim is no win, no fee. 


What is the legal case against Tesco?

The Tesco action group's claims are for equal pay under the Equality Act 2010. We act for employees and workers of the Tesco group who worked or work in Tesco stores throughout England, Wales and Scotland. In-store roles tend to be performed by women, whereas warehouse roles tend to be performed by men. We understand that Tesco store workers have been paid less per hour than comparable Tesco warehouse workers, and that sometimes the difference in pay is as much as £3 per hour. Our clients wish to be paid equally with their male colleagues. Tesco has indicated that it will defend the claimants' claims vigorously. It is likely to take many months and even years until the dispute is resolved. However, Tesco has also said that it has already taken steps to ensure that it does not subject any employees to adverse treatment as a result of bringing an equal pay claim.

What about the other supermarkets?

Tesco is not the only supermarket facing an equal pay challenge. There are cases presently being brought against Asda, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons. Of the three cases, the furthest advanced is Asda where the claimants have established that their jobs may be compared to the jobs of their warehouse/depot colleagues. The Asda case is not over yet, but so far progress has been good. Click here to read the Employment Tribunal's initial decision about the comparability of store and warehouse workers and here to read the Employment Appeal Tribunal's decision. Asda has appealed to the Court of Appeal and this website will be updated once that judgment becomes available.

Will I lose my job or be disciplined if I claim?

You can continue to work for Tesco at the same time as bringing a claim. Tesco has confirmed in writing that it will not subject anyone who brings an equal pay claim to adverse treatment. Exercising your right to claim should not affect your ongoing employment in any way. If you feel that you are being treated differently by your employer as a result of your claim, please contact us immediately.

Do I have to be a member of a union to claim?

No. You can register to be part of the claim whether or not you are a member of a union.

I'm a man. Can I claim?

Yes! If the women are successful in their claims, it would be unfair and unequal if your pay were not adjusted as well. Your claim will be a 'piggyback' claim. Although your claim will depend upon female claimants winning their claims, it is possible to lodge your claim now, at the same time as the women's claims.

I'm a former Tesco employee. Can I claim?

Yes, provided that you did not leave your employment with Tesco more than 6 years ago (5 years ago if you live in Scotland).

Why should I join?

Your reasons for joining will be personal, but here are three main reasons to join the claim:

  1. Compensation. You may be entitled to benefits including back pay for up to six years, as well as an improvement in your hourly rate of pay. How much you can claim will depend on things like how long you have worked for Tesco, but most claims will be worth over £1,000.
  2. Equality. Taking action is a step towards eradicating inequality in the workplace. Without it, employers' attitudes are unlikely to change.
  3. Accountability. Bringing a claim holds employers to account for choosing to reward men and women differently for work of equal value.