"Thousands of Tesco employees could be owed £10,000 each in equal pay row" Mirror 01.10.2019

Thousands of Tesco employees could be owed £10,000 each in equal pay row


Emma Munbodh, Deputy Money Editor

1 October 2019

"Hundreds of thousands of Tesco workers could be owed money as a result of an equal pay row being raised against the country's largest grocer.

The Tesco Action Group, which is fighting a multi-million-pound pay claim against the supermarket on behalf of workers, said it estimates that as many as 25,000 staff members could be owed a slice of £2.5billion in back pay.

This is equivalent to £10,000 each in a dispute that linked to the grocer allegedly paying female staff less than their male counterparts.


Regionally, around 32,000 workers in Greater London could be owed a share of £343million, the group claims, however the highest claims are expected to be in the south east, where 40,000 workers could be due a share of £405million in back pay.

The 'Tesco Equal Pay Map of the UK' breaks down UK cities by area post code, detailing the number of Tesco stores within each city, approximate employee numbers and corresponding claim values."

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Harcus Sinclair UK Limited are working with Pay Justice, an organisation dedicated to fighting for equal pay in the workplace. Together, we are helping employees who have suffered inequality to bring equal pay claims against employers.


We act for the Tesco action group in the Tesco equal pay claim.

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