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"Tesco employees in Scotland 'could be entitled to' £306 million in equal pay claim" The Scotsman

Female Tesco employees in Scotland could be entitled to back pay of £306 million, according to a map of claims published by a group fighting for “equal pay” at the supermarket.

The Scotsman

Jane Bradley

2 October 2019

"Tesco Action Group, which is fighting a multi-million pound equal pay claim against Tesco on behalf of the supermarket’s current and former workers, says that UK-wide, it is estimated that approximately 250,000 current Tesco workers and an unknown number of former workers could be entitled to back pay of up to £10,000 each, resulting in a potential total pay-out exceeding £2.5bn.

Glasgow has one of the highest potential payouts in the UK at £56m, according to a map published today by the group."

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