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"ASDA might be fighting on, but its equal-pay case looks unwinnable" The Herald 05.02.2019

ASDA might be fighting on, but its equal-pay case looks unwinnable

The Herald

Margaret Taylor

5 February 2019

"ISN’T it strange the lengths some employers will go to in order to continue discriminating against their staff?

Take ASDA. Just last week the supermarket giant, which is being pursued by thousands of mainly female staff in a mammoth equal-pay claim, vowed to battle all the way to the Supreme Court after losing the latest round in the long-running dispute. The retailer had gone to the Court of Appeal in a bid to overturn an Employment Appeal Tribunal decision that said female shop staff could compare their jobs with the higher-paid roles filled by warehouse-based men to further their claim. Yet despite three appeal court judges upholding the earlier finding and refusing to give permission for ASDA to take the case further, the retailer has said it will apply directly to the Supreme Court in a bid to put the case to bed once and for all."

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