Equal Pay

Get involved.

There are lots of ways to collaborate. Here are some of them.

Understand your rights and be confident that you know the issues that may affect you.
If you worked for Tesco on an hourly rate, you may be eligible to join the claim.
Tools to help start a discussion with your friends and colleagues. Share using email, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp or Instagram
Tell us about your experiences with Tesco, your views about the case, and your ideas.
No one should be treated differently for bringing an equal pay claim. If you believe you have, please tell us immediately.
All profits go to the Fawcett Society, the UK’s leading charity campaigning for gender equality and women’s rights.
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Harcus Sinclair UK Limited is a leading UK law firm specialising in bringing group action cases on behalf of large numbers of claimants.


Harcus Sinclair UK Limited are working with Pay Justice, an organisation dedicated to fighting for equal pay in the workplace. Together, we are helping employees who have suffered inequality to bring equal pay claims against employers.


We act for the Tesco Action Group in the Tesco equal pay claim.

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